Friday, June 3, 2011

And I wonder...

...the things we do....the choices we make-and that's exactly apart of the problem - is it really our choice? Grant it I have had a similar conversation with someone I really care about (she is my interest of heart heh); we agreed that in life people are able to choose but the choices are limited- not the exact words but something along those lines. We agreed that God knows what choice we will make despite numerous choices we have...  But what stirs my mind at the moment, goes just a little deep; are the things we do, our reactions, and attractions are they by our own conscious choice? A "choice" we developed on our own or a choice influenced by...well anything? Or I dread the idea that choices we make - most especially when it comes to relationships and physical attraction - is based upon the scientific theory about "natural selection" - the whole thing about the "best genes". Are these emotions that we claim to have are they fake?

I rebel against the idea that our emotions mean nothing....

(I'll probably finish this post another time...)

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